W ebsites are how we view the world, like viewing through an open window, all from the comfort of our own homes. We can grab any kind of information with just the click of a mouse and we have become accustom to this over the years. With the internet, we have access to an information highway that is constantly being updated and constructed so there is never any need to worry about “Traffic Jams”. When you are ready to be known in the World Wide Web then you will need a web designer to set-up-shop so visitors recognize your existence. This is where VillenaDesigns comes to the rescue. We have affordable websites and affordable web design here at VillenaDesigns with no need to stress over database servers, domain registrations, email creation, disk space, bandwidth, or anything else. We will develop, design, host, and maintain your website so you can focus on the important things that matter to you.

There are THREE main steps to creating a website:

Domain Name

A domain name is your very own web address. It is how people who surfer the web find your website. The domain is what comes after the “www.” in, for instance. Try and visualize the domain as your home or business, the internet is the highways that we travel, and the addresses are how we know how to get from place to place. It is always a good idea to try and keep your domain name as small as possible, this makes it easier for visitors to remember your domain. Be very careful when choosing one because names are important.


H osts store your website on their servers and transmit it to the internet. This way, when someone types your domain in the address bar, your website will pop up in the window browser. Servers are basically just bigger computers that “serve” your website to the internet. They hold all the files it takes to make up an entire website and can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). With any web host, you need to make sure that they have good quality support so you don’t get stuck with a problem and no help. Think of hosting as renting a lot to start building you dream.

Web Design

T he structure, development, and design of your website is very important to the growth and adaption, in order for the organic search engines to find you. The structure of your website should be simple and intuitive enough for visitors to navigate through. The development of your website needs to communicate fluently with the organic search engines, like yahoo or google. The design of your website affects both structure and development as well as the people who visit your website. It can determine whether a visitor decides to choose you over your competitors.

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